This is the list of Safeguarding Children school policies that will be available to download when you subscribe to Policies for Schools.

Safeguarding Children School Policies
Acceptable Internet Use and Agreement Policy
Administering Medicines Policy
Advocates and Independent Visitors Policy
Anti-Bullying Policy
Anti-Cyber Bullying Policy
Child Sexual Exploitation Policy
Child Gone Missing On or Off Site Policy
Confidentiality Policy
Dealing with Extremism and Radicalisation Policy (Prevent Duty)
Dealing with Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence
Designated Teacher for Looked After and previously Looked After Children Policy
Disclosure and Barring Service Checks Policy
Domestic Abuse and Operation Encompass Policy
Drones Over-Flying the School Policy
Eating Disorders Policy
Educational Visits Policy
Educational Visits and Terrorist Incidents Policy
E-Safety Policy
Emergency School Lockdown Policy
FGM Policy
Health and Safety at Work Policy
Intimate Care Policy
Intruders Policy
Knife Crime Policy
Looked After Children Policy
Mobile Phone Safety and Acceptable Use Policy
Online Code of Conduct for Students Policy
Online Code of Conduct for Teachers Policy
Online Safeguarding for an Online School Policy
Parent and Community Use of Social Media Policy
Photographic and Video Images Policy
Positive Handling (Restraint of Pupils) Policy
Private Fostering Policy
Pupil Behaviour and Discipline Policy
Safeguarding and Child Protection Part 1 of 4 Policy
Safeguarding and Child Protection Part 2 of 4 Roles and Responsibilities Policy
Safeguarding Child Protection Policy Part 3 of 4 Recognising the signs of Abuse and Neglect Policy
Safeguarding Child Protection Policy Part 4 of 4 Safeguarding Procedures Policy
Safe Physical Contact with Pupils Policy
Safer Recruitment, Retention and the Single Central Record Policy
School Personnel Code of Conduct Policy
School Security Policy
School Trips Policy
Searching, Screening and Confiscation Policy
Self-Harm Policy
Sick Child Policy
Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Policy
Students on Placement Policy
Supervision of Pupils Policy
Supporting Children with Health Needs who cannot attend School Policy
Supporting Pupils with Long-Term Medical Conditions Policy
Troubled and Vulnerable Children Policy
Uncollected Child Policy
Visitors, Visiting Speakers and Contractors Policy
Whistle Blowing Policy